Final Rating:

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Score by Category: Rating Remarks
1. Legal Requirements BLUE Company complies with all mandatory legal requirements.
2. Hazardous and Toxic Waste Management BLUE Regarding the toxic and hazardous waste, the company applies good management practices to minimize risk to people and environment.
3. Compliance with Environmental Quality Standards ORANGE One or more environmental parameter exceeds environmental quality standard in all months; company must undertake significant improvements.
4. Environmental Monitoring and Reporting ORANGE The level of effort the company applies for monitoring and testing the samples are NOT adequate for a BLUE rating.
5. Best Practices-Environmental Management BLUE The company follows enough best practices to be in the BLUE range.
6. Complaints Management and Community Relations GREEN The site audit showed that the company has good complaints management system in place.
7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) GOLD The company has strong commitment regarding social responsibility.

NOTE: The final rating is determined by the worst rating from all the categories.